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About Us

Eberts & Harrison, Inc has been specializing in providing insurance for International and National Labor Unions, District Councils, Local Unions, and Apprenticeship Training Programs for over 58 years.  We are proud members of the Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 2 and have been a fully organized insurance agency for over 58 years.


Eberts & Harrison, Inc, started out originally as the Bernard L. Eberts Agency in 1942. Mr. Eberts was a close friend of George Meany and a loyal friend to the Labor Movement.  At the time, Mr. Meany would not deal with or tolerate any non-union contractors or vendors.  Mr. Meany understood as do all Union members that it is rarely the lowest bidder who will provide you with an excellent product, excellent workmanship, and outstanding service.  Mr. Eberts established his insurance agency on these three ideas to meet the needs of the Labor Unions. 


In 1965, Mr. John W. “Bill” Harrison, Jr. joined forces with Mr. Eberts and began operating under the name of Eberts & Harrison, Inc.  Their partnership not only served to expand the number of insurance products available specifically for Labor Unions, but they were also instrumental in crafting the Labor Organization Bond (LMRDA), the Faithful Discharge of Duty rider, and the Fidelity Bond to meet ERISA requirements.  In addition, Mr. Harrison was heavily involved in the design of the Union Liability Insurance policy and the Fiduciary Liability Insurance policy.   


Our agency currently represents many U.S. Owned and/or Labor-friendly insurance carriers including: Ullico Casualty Group, The Travelers Insurance Companies, Chubb, Seneca, CNA, The Hartford, Hudson, Markel American, Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, AmTrust, and USLI.  When these markets are not adequate for a specific coverage type, we have access to numerous surplus lines carriers.


Eberts & Harrison, Inc believes that a true insurance agent must be able to offer clients insurance consulting expertise to identify risks, as well as recommend appropriate insurance products.  We do not separate the two functions; we believe they are one in the same.  Only years of experience in the Labor Union and Benefit Fund niche can provide the competency to advise clients on their risks and exposures.  We work with our clients to accurately assess the risks that their Union and Funds face in the changing world and provide recommendations and insurance products to help mitigate or limit those risks. 


Eberts & Harrison, Inc does not outsource any of its functions.  We believe having full control over the risk analysis, policy procurement, administration, and accounting functions allows us to keep the relationship seamless for our customers.  While automation and outsourcing may seem cost-beneficial to other insurance agencies, we do not feel it is beneficial to our clients.  We believe the best service is provided when a client can make one call to our office for any problem or concern.  Our clients’ needs are our main priority. 


Eberts & Harrison, Inc’s business model is specifically designed to provide our customers with the best possible service and immediate responses.  Our structure is different from most insurance agencies.  We do not employ producers that sell insurance and then hand the account over to a processing center to handle.  We are all considered customer service representatives.  Managing customer needs is our agency’s primary goal.  Our principle focus is to continually develop and expand the relationships we have with our clients and to make sure we do everything in our ability to keep that bond strong. 


John Harrison does not believe in voicemail during business hours.  He understands our clients are extremely busy and he wants them to have immediate access to team members and not be forced to leave voicemail messages.  Additionally, we provide our clients with our cell phone numbers so they can contact us directly after business hours or on weekends and holidays. 


Many of our relationships with the International Labor Unions extend back 35 to 55 years.  Over the many years of service we have become known as the agency that ‘holds our client’s hand’ through all insurance decisions, renewals, and claims.  This is a label that we proudly accept and sums up our approach to client services. 


Officers & Staff

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