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Integrity:  Ethics & Values

Why Choose Eberts & Harrison?

1. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and attention to our clients.

2. We are the oldest Unionized Insurance agency, having served the insurance needs for Labor Unions and their benefit plans for over 55 years.  

3. We are always honest with our clients, and focus on our Insured's best interests.

4. We work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best coverage with the best insurance carrier and with the best premium possible. All Labor Leaders understand that it is rarely the cheapest price that will be able to deliver the best service, knowledge and product.

5. We do our best to use Union Carriers and U.S. Carriers before venturing out for foreign markets and/or insurance companies that are unfamiliar with the needs of labor unions.

6. We use insurance carriers that have handled labor unions for as long as we have been in existence including: Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO), The Travelers Insurance Company, as well as The Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland. Many carriers get into the labor union market when times are tough and the economy is suffering. Once the economy rebounds or they sustain significant losses, these other carriers will bail out on Labor Unions as quickly as they came in. Having worked with Labor Unions for over 55 years, we have seen this cycle many times, and are well aware of the carriers who are in the business for the long haul with their labor union clients.

7. We do not utilize a call center, nor do we have voice mail. When you call our office you will speak directly to a Licensed Insurance Agent.  We provide our cell phone numbers so you can reach us virtually any time you need us.

8. We are currently a fully licensed Insurance Agency, Entity Corporation and Independent Agent and can service any International or Local Union in the United States of America and Canada. 

9. We are a FULLY ORGANIZED UNION AGENCY and have been for over 55 years! Everyone in our office are proud members of OPEIU Local 2.

Officers & Staff

Christian Phillips, CPA/CISR 


John W. Harrison, III

Leanna Brewer, ARM
Vice President

Dane Sutherland, CLCS 
Marketing Executive


Lori Baker
Senior Account Executive


Judy Meador, CISR
Account Executive


Kelsie Dobbins, CISR Elite
Account Executive


Joanne Baker
Office Manager


Carlyn Moles
Account Executive


Sharon Kirin
Account Executive