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Client Testimonials

We have the honor and privilege of writing the insurance for International Unions, National Unions, Local Unions, District Councils, and Apprenticeship & Training Programs.

We would be delighted to provide you with references; however, we honor the privacy of our clients and do not publicly display their information. 

Please call and we can provide specific references

"Eberts & Harrison, Inc has worked with our Union for over 30 years. I have found Eberts & Harrison, Inc to be very professional, honest, hardworking, and responsive to all of our insurance needs. The officers and staff have worked closely with our union on several insurance claims and other insurance issues over the years, and have been there to guide us through the processes. They are always willing to offer their services, no matter the time of day. I always receive a quick response and they are there to provide their professional opinions." 

"Eberts & Harrison, Inc has served as our insurance agent for over 20 years. They have consistently demonstrated a thorough knowledge of and commitment to our unique needs as a union, and provided prompt and personalized service in an exceptionally professional manner. They are as accessible and responsive as they are knowledgeable, the entire staff has been available to discuss issues and concerns as they arise, and to properly support and guide our officers. We have found Eberts & Harrison, Inc to be a true and ethical advocate for our Union's well-being."

"Our Union has worked with the firm of Eberts & Harrison, Inc and Bill and John W. Harrison, III for over 40 years and we have no reservation to recommend them as insurance agents. We have always been able to rely on Eberts & Harrison, Inc to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive to all of our insurance requirements and concerns that we have encountered over these many years. I have always found them to be hardworking, honest, and reliable in their work with me.  In addition, Eberts & Harrison, Inc is one of the oldest and most well known Union agencies serving the Labor Union movement for almost half a century."

"I am writing to acknowledge the great work you and your team do for us. We receive outstanding service and support on any and all insurance matters from your firm. I believe that the fact that you specialize in Union insurance products makes all the difference for us. Your professionalism and individual attention can only be offered by a specialist team such as yours.  This attention to detail cannot be duplicated by the large, national corporate type insurance companies, where, at best you get an anonymous toll free number to call with questions or problems.   It is reassuring to know that whomever picks up the phone at your office will know us.  In closing, I completely recommend Eberts & Harrison for all your Union insurance needs.  You will get the best, personalized service and the best coverage for your members. We have all our coverage with them and are totally satisfied."  

"We have been a client of Eberts & Harrison, Inc since September, 2001.  They are an exceptional group of professionals in the insurance industry (specifically catering to Labor Unions) that will execute the task at hand in a timely and accurate fashion.  The customer service is above and beyond the normal standards.  Their quotes are reasonable but competitive within the industry.  Their attention to detail is refreshing, and they can handle a large variety of policies.  They can and will serve your organization in a friendly and professional manner at all times.  They are 100% Union, OPEIU, Local 2.  You will not be disappointed with your choice."

"I also wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you both for the services you have always provided and our staff in the finance office. Whenever we have a question or concern you respond in an extremely timely manner and always have the answers we need. I look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship and would always be happy to provide a positive reference for not only the two of you specifically, but the entire Eberts & Harrison team."